Sitting, whether in our living rooms, offices or cars, has been proven to be highly detrimental to our health, both mental and physical. Sitting too much can contribute to the development of depression, stress, as well as anxiety. It can also lead to various body aches and poor posture.

Preventing side effects of prolonged sitting at work

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For starters, try to change your sitting positions every thirty minutes. If you do not want to get carried away by your work and forget about changing the position, try setting a timer on your phone or watch. To properly do this, whenever your alarm goes off, try to stand up, walk around your office, roll your ankles and your wrists and try to do some standing yoga poses. Anything that will move your body will be beneficial. If your office is cramped, try rolling your wrists and ankles, and extending your legs while seated.

Take deep breaths

Make sure to take deep breaths all throughout your day at work. Expand your chest and rib cage and breathe into your diaphragm, so as to ensure adequate intake of oxygen. This will also improve your posture because deep breathing can be very hard while being slouched in your chair. It will also keep your back straight, as well.

Pay attention to what you eat

In most cases, people, who have office jobs, have more opportunities to eat throughout their work day than, for example, construction workers. This, combined with the fact that office workers move way less and spend much less energy can lead to health issues.

Most people see food as comforting when they are stressed out or bored. However, eating in these cases can lead to a large number of bad food choices. Before you reach for a snack, you should be aware of your current emotional state. In simple words, avoid eating when tired, stressed or bored. Instead, eat only when you are hungry.

Pay attention to your posture

Last, but not least, make sure to keep proper posture by avoiding sitting cross-legged, shrugging your shoulders, slouching and cradling your phone. This way, you will avoid discomfort and pain and, of course, improve your posture.

Take a short walk

Take advantagbackpainleftvsdgbhfe of your coffee or lunch breaks, so as to move more. Try not to stay in your office and browse the net or read the news. Instead, go out for a walk. This will not only get your blood flowing, and muscles moving but also give your brain a much-needed break. Walking for between fifteen to twenty minutes a day will allow you to clear your mind.

Be careful with your sitting position at work can help prevent the looming effect of back pain and bad posture. This is a major problem to most people today.