Common Causes Of Eczema


Eczema is a skin condition. It majorly manifests itself by inflammation of the skin. The affected skin patches are swollen, itchy and become rough. As a matter of fact, eczema is used in two scenarios. It is important to understand the two scenarios as these will help us understand the common causes of eczema.

The first one is that it is used to refer to any skin condition that is characterized by rashes. Secondly, eczema is used when defining atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition that is chronic and starts at infancy. While others will outgrow atopic dermatitis, others carry the condition well into adulthood.

Here are the common causes of eczema

Hormonal imbalanceeczemaleftasdfvgbhn

Women have the worst cases of eczema when the levels of their hormones change. These happen mostly during pregnancy and when experiencing menses. The symptoms are worse before the commencement of menstruation.

Genetics factors

The immune system is determined by the genes that people inherit from their parents. The immune system is made and controlled by a combination of different genes. For people to get eczema, they need to have the right combination of the genes.

Fatigue and tiredness

These factors can individually or in combination lower the defense mechanism of the body. It is the defense mechanism that fights the common causes of eczema.

Allergic reactions to some foods

This is a common trigger factor in young children. Common foods which trigger eczema have proteins in them. These foods include eggs, fish, and dairy products. Food allergies mostly develop a few hours after eating. However, in severe cases, it occurs as soon as you eat the food. Delayed food allergy can also occur after one day.

High temperatures

When temperatures are high, the skin dries out, and sweating is triggered. The skin cracks when it is dry. Apart from the weather, other causes of heat that affect the body are clothes that are tight, intense exercises, traveling in vehicles that are poorly aerated and being in a room that is heated.


When a person is stressed,eczemarightsdfghjhf cortisol is released in the body. Cortisol is responsible for regulation of immune response and metabolism. When it is released, the immunity system is suppressed, and the skin becomes inflamed when a reaction occurs. Studies have also shown that when people are anxious, they always have an urge to scratch their skin. This results in damage to the skin leading to infection.

These environmental and health factors are the common causes of eczema you should know.