• Ways To Treat Dull Skin
    Ways To Treat Dull Skin

Ways to Manage Respiratory Allergies

Being allergic to dust, pollens, and pet’s fur can be irritating. And the worse news is that there is no permanent cure even until now. Allergy is an immunity disorder which makes the body unable to respond appropriately toward the allergen. Whenever the body comes in contact with the allergen, the symptoms are triggered, and inflammation occurs in the respiratory tract.

All we can do to treat allergy is by suppressing the triggers. Now, let us learn about how to do it here.

Vacuuming the House

keeping the house free from dustKeeping the house hygiene by mop, duster, and broom is not enough. Dust can still accumulate on the sofa and bed cushion. Bolsters and pillows are also notorious for storing dirt.

What an allergic person should watch out is the fine particles of debris. They are invisible to naked eyes but have the most severe impact on people with respiratory allergy.

You also need to know that not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. Some have features that are designed specifically for allergic people. HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is the technology that you need. It traps 99.7% of small particles, which makes it the most efficient dust filter. Some vacuums are also equipped with an ionizer that can kill mites and bacteria.

Selecting the Food

In some cases, food can trigger respiratory allergy too. And seafood is the most frequent culprit. In that case, you must select what you eat carefully. Always read the ingredient of a meal before consuming it. Do not hesitate to tell the cook about your condition every time you eat in a restaurant.

green food for healthy gutsIf food is not your trigger, you still need to control your diet. The severity of allergy symptoms can be decreased with strong immunity. In other words, you rely on nothing but your body to cure the allergy.

Prefer food that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant. Although meat is an excellent source of those nutrients, you should avoid poultry, pork, and seafood. Poultry and pork are intensely domesticated, and they even receive too many chemical treatments that make them unsafe for allergic people. You should choose the red meat from cows instead. Beef is the most neutral animal protein source.

Add more vegetables and fruits to your menu. There is a study that claims to find the correlation between guts health and allergy. It says that if the guts bacteria are not well nourished, the person will be most likely to suffer from allergy. Veggies and fruits are the best sources of fibers. And fibers keep the benevolent guts bacteria thriving.

Cutting Your Weight

losing weight for better healthObesity increases the likelihood for a person to suffer from allergy. If you notice that your body build is shaped like an apple or pear, then losing weight may be the right solution for your health condition. Besides, there is no loss in getting back in shape.

From all the diets that are in the hype right now, the right reasoning is that if you consume fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. And contrary to popular belief, your body needs to consume carbohydrate to function correctly.

Carbohydrates are good for liver and muscles endurance. You cannot expect to feel vigorous without consuming enough carbohydrates. Too much protein intake will make your kidneys and liver work harder. Therefore, you should treat your diet carefully.

Ways To Treat Dull Skin


As we age and become increasingly busier, we, inadvertently, start neglecting some very important aspects of our life. Among these are our food intake and our lifestyle in general. This leads to some issues, among which is unhealthy-looking, dull skin. Keep in mind that the largest and fastest growing organ we have is skin. Therefore, it is very important to take care of and protect it properly.

How to get rid of dull skin

Tamarind massageskincarerightasdfghj

Tamarind is also well known for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Also, it is also very rich in Vitamins C and B, which can greatly contribute to the development of clear, glowing skin and the removal of skin impurities. A tamarind massage is simple, and it involves massaging the tamarind pulp on your face every evening.

Use lemon

Fruits are very useful when it comes to treating dull skin. However, out of all the fruits, lemon is usually seen as the most effective and useful one. Lemon is well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features. You can use it to remove tanned spots on your face. Also, by having a regular intake of lemon, your skin will start to look more fresh and rejuvenated. Drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning and rubbing the lemon peel on your face to remove dark spots is the best way to administer the treatment.

Aloe vera, honey, lemon and sugar massage

Honey is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. When mixed with lemon, honey can become a potent weapon for efficiently removing unwanted hairs and keep your skin free from bacteria. Mixing honey with sugar, you will create an effective means of removing damaged skin cells and promoting the development of new ones. By applying aloe vera along with honey, you will restore a fresh look to your face and make it more glowing.

Cucumber and orange mixture

Thanks to its properties, cucumber can be very effective at keeping the skin well hydrated and moisturized. Orange, just like lemon, is full of antioxidants, as well. When you mix these with rice flour, you will create a powerful means of keeping your skin fresh and youthful. By applying grated cucumber, your skin will look revived, whereas by applying cucumber juice every time before you go to sleep, you will lighten your dark spots.

Coconut oil massage

To improve thskincareleftsdfghe appearance and the overall health of your skin, you need just a coconut oil massage. Coconut oil is well-known for having an abundance of nutrients, which can effectively keep your skin hydrated and moisturized on a constant basis. To make your skin appear shining and soft and repair any damaged parts, make sure to apply a mix of honey and coconut oil every day.

Effects Of Sitting At Work


Sitting, whether in our living rooms, offices or cars, has been proven to be highly detrimental to our health, both mental and physical. Sitting too much can contribute to the development of depression, stress, as well as anxiety. It can also lead to various body aches and poor posture.

Preventing side effects of prolonged sitting at work

Change your sitting positionsbackpainrightsaghdjfghj

For starters, try to change your sitting positions every thirty minutes. If you do not want to get carried away by your work and forget about changing the position, try setting a timer on your phone or watch. To properly do this, whenever your alarm goes off, try to stand up, walk around your office, roll your ankles and your wrists and try to do some standing yoga poses. Anything that will move your body will be beneficial. If your office is cramped, try rolling your wrists and ankles, and extending your legs while seated.

Take deep breaths

Make sure to take deep breaths all throughout your day at work. Expand your chest and rib cage and breathe into your diaphragm, so as to ensure adequate intake of oxygen. This will also improve your posture because deep breathing can be very hard while being slouched in your chair. It will also keep your back straight, as well.

Pay attention to what you eat

In most cases, people, who have office jobs, have more opportunities to eat throughout their work day than, for example, construction workers. This, combined with the fact that office workers move way less and spend much less energy can lead to health issues.

Most people see food as comforting when they are stressed out or bored. However, eating in these cases can lead to a large number of bad food choices. Before you reach for a snack, you should be aware of your current emotional state. In simple words, avoid eating when tired, stressed or bored. Instead, eat only when you are hungry.

Pay attention to your posture

Last, but not least, make sure to keep proper posture by avoiding sitting cross-legged, shrugging your shoulders, slouching and cradling your phone. This way, you will avoid discomfort and pain and, of course, improve your posture.

Take a short walk

Take advantagbackpainleftvsdgbhfe of your coffee or lunch breaks, so as to move more. Try not to stay in your office and browse the net or read the news. Instead, go out for a walk. This will not only get your blood flowing, and muscles moving but also give your brain a much-needed break. Walking for between fifteen to twenty minutes a day will allow you to clear your mind.

Be careful with your sitting position at work can help prevent the looming effect of back pain and bad posture. This is a major problem to most people today.